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About six months ago I stumbled upon a blog called Little Vintage Nest and fell in love. Sarah’s (Little Vintage Nest) decor style has been a constant inspiration to me and I always look forward to what she does. Back when I was new to her site, I found a review she did for Rust-Oleum Chalked spray paint. In her review she found she really liked the product and gave it her recommendation. Once I read her post and saw how (seemingly) easy it was to use I knew I wanted to give it a shot and knew just the piece I wanted to make over. Well, unfortunately this was in the Fall and getting outside to spray paint in Michigan was not going to happen, so this project would have to be shelved until the weather turned for the warmer. Fast forward several months and here we are on a beautiful April Sunday and what better way to spend it than a little DIY action. I am not calling this a review, more a how-to if you are looking to revamp a piece of furniture. I will already tell you I love this product and cant wait to use it again.

So I decided to makeover this side table I bought (For pretty cheap) about two years ago, shortly after we moved in. It worked at the time but as my style changed I grew to hate how dark the color was and how it just didn’t go with anything anymore. Hating to waste a pretty new piece I thought I would give painting it a try (Disclaimer: I have never painted furniture before).

The can was easy to use despite the fact it was pretty windy as I was doing this and paint was misting away from the table a lot. I found I was able to get decent coverage with one coat even though it was blotchy in areas. I also had some dripping but that seemed to cover well with the second coat.

I let the first coat dry about an hour, per the directions, before applying the second coat. I felt I had even coverage and was able to cover any drips I made with the first coat. Because I knew I would be distressing the table once I was done painting, I decided to let it dry a little longer before I moved on to that step. I would say I let the second coat dry a couple hours.

Once I was confident it was dry enough I used a medium grit sand paper (again, per the directions) to go in a “distress” areas of the table. Now I really didn’t have a plan with this part. I basically just did a little at a time and just stepped back to see what needed to be filled in. You can honestly do as much or as little as you want.

Once the distressing was complete I dusted it off and put it to use in the house. The directions will say to wait 24 hours but I’m impatient and was just very careful as I styled it. All in all I am so happy I decided to upgrade this piece because what was once one of my least favorite things in the house is honestly now one of my favorite! I hope this post is helpful and gives you the inspiration and confidence to try it out for yourself. Happy Painting!


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