Amazon Farmhouse Finds

I feel like I haven’t written a post in forever but things have been a little busy around here and doing things around the house have been put on hold for the moment. The one bonus to this pause is being able to really brain storm what we will do next. We have a list a mile long but i’m thinking I may tackle the dinning room next. Painting is definitely on the agenda for that room and also sprucing it up with some new dining chairs and farmhouse decor. The search for said items has led me to Amazon where I have found and compiled 5 super cute and affordable items. All these pieces are on my Amazon shopping list and plan to get them once we start the dining room. In the mean time I urge you to check them out and hopefully they give you a little inspiration. I have included direct links to each item listed. I hope you enjoy browsing these items as much as I did.

Distressed metal dining chair

Vintage bakery sign

Industrial light fixture

Vintage wall clock

Boxwood topiary


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