How To Style An Entry

At our house we tend to use our back door way more than our front. I have no idea how we started this, it’s just the way we have always come in. Our back door leads right into our family room and therefor we don’t have a designated “entry-way”. Once we moved in and started entering through the back it became apparent that there wasn’t a good place or area to put our shoes, place my purse, our dogs leash etc. This is when i decided to style an area where we could put all these things so we could easily and conveniently use the back door.

I started by finding the red bench at Marshall’s. I absolutely loved it in the store and knew I wanted this to be the focal point of the entry (I plan on revamping this bench this spring, so stay tuned for that project on the blog). Once the bench was in I then needed a place for our shoes. Now, mind you, this area has gone through some changes and I feel like I finally have it styled in a way that looks nice and functions well. The shoe tray I have came from Target and I love the galvanized look it has and also that its pretty sturdy and long enough to house several pairs of shoes. It also fits snugly under the bench which is great.

Now once the two most practical pieces were in I then started styling the area. The mirror that hangs above the bench is seriously one of my favorite things in the house and came from Jo-Ann’s. I used a command hook to hang the cotton wreath to finish it off. the candle sticks and milk basin came from Michael’s as well as the faux wild flowers. The fun this about a bench here is being able to place things on and around it to turn something functional into something that can be decorated for any season or occasion.

Another element that would be helpful could be some hooks for purses or coats. We haven’t implemented that yet, but I do plan to hang something in the future for that purpose. I hope my entry inspires and helps you with your space, whether you have a designated area or you want to make one. Remember to have fun with the spaces you decorate and try and have them reflect you and your personal style. Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment! I love hearing form you!


4 thoughts on “How To Style An Entry

  1. Bonnie Horning

    This is a great idea as an alternative for a mud room. Let’s face it not all of us have a spare room for shoes, boots etc. Thus is practical but beautiful at the same time! This is a great use of space! Love it!!!?


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