Easy and cute ways to keep the kitchen clutter free

The kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in a house. When we bought our house three years ago, the kitchen was the only room that had been updated, while I would have probably chose different cabinets and granite and definitely a different color scheme, it is still nice and saved us a lot of money by not having to remodel it just yet. Even though we didn’t pick out the overall look of the kitchen, I still have a lot of fun decorating it and making it fit our style. One thing that always bothered me is how messy/cluttered a kitchen can get. Maybe its the seemingly endless amount of appliances and tools or maybe its that the kitchen counters end up being a drop-off for most things. For the most part you have drawers and cabinets for this but what about some of the other stuff we use more often? I’m sure there are many more things that could use better organization but for now I want to show you a few of the ways I keep things in their place while also adding to the style of the kitchen.

One of my favorite looks right now are trays and pedestals for decorating. Especially in farmhouse decor these are a must. They have the ability to not only be pretty but also functional. The way I used mine here is for the hand soap. I placed a small dish towel and candle with it to add some charm. This is a great way to spruce up and otherwise plain thing sitting on the counter. The best part is this pedestal came from the Target dollar spot!

I love having a calendar available to glance at. I have tried traditional paper calendars on the fridge and they wither never hang right or just look so big and in the way. I love these table top calendars you can get just about anywhere these days. The one I have is from Michael’s but I recently saw some adorable ones at Kirklands. Now if you are a family or individual that is very busy and needs to write appointments and events on something this may not work for you. I, myself just keep appointments in my phone and that’s enough for me.

Utensils are another thing that can get very cluttered very quickly. Prior to have this Holder, I had a smaller one that didn’t fit much in it and before that everything was shoved in a drawer and next to impossible to locate. I love this utensil holder I recently picked up from Marshall’s. It is a great size and love the texture of the pottery and the rustic look it gives, plus I can easily reach spoons and spatulas while I cook.

Another thing I love is this cookbook shelf. This is a piece I bought when we first moved into the house and only just hung in the last year. I love how it keeps my cookbooks within reach but also out of the way and not taking up too much room. I also love how this particular holder has hooks so I also have a place for my apron and some of my oven mitts. I picked this up at Target and it may still be there despite mine being purchased almost three years ago.

The last thing we have is this metal caddy that we use for mail. I don’t know bout you but mail always came from the mailbox and went straight to a pile on the kitchen counter. This drove me and my slight OCD crazy as it looked like a pile of trash. I found this cute caddy at Michael’s (are you seeing a trend?) and it hung perfectly in this weird vertical wall space. I separate the mail by who it belongs to and now it is easily accessible but is out of the way.

I hope these tips helped and inspired you for your kitchen. I’m sure there are other areas of organization that I could cover so if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment, I want to hear from you! also please subscribe to the mailing list and find me on instagram and facebook. I hope you all have an amazing day!


8 thoughts on “Easy and cute ways to keep the kitchen clutter free

    1. Lindsey Post author

      It seriously makes such a difference having somewhere to put the mail and other papers that just get piled up. Im glad you like the post! Love you too!

  1. Alison

    Great post, Lindsey! I might have to hire you when Rob and I finally find a house and move. 🙂 I love all of your ideas and they are so budget friendly! Xo

    1. Lindsey Post author

      Thank you, Alison! You are so sweet 🙂 I would love to help you when you guys get a place!

  2. Jill

    Love all of these ideas! It is so difficult to keep my kitchen island free of clutter…especially mail. I recently purchased something similar to your mail caddy and it is amazing. I realize it’s more decorative…but where did you find the tiered wooden stand? Love it!

    1. Lindsey Post author

      I LOVE the mail caddy…You wont be sorry! I actually got the stand from Crate and Barrel. It was part of our shower registry. I absolutely love that too!


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